Vocal Coach Essentials Set


Now you can enjoy the complete Vocal Coach instructional singing system designed to help you learn to sing your best as a soloist or in a group or choral setting!

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The Perfect Getting Started Set

Having coached thousands of students over the last three decades, Vocal Coach creator Chris Beatty knows what is instrumental in developing and preserving the voices of singers ranging from beginners to platinum award-winning professional touring artists. In this premier Vocal Coach Essentials Set you will find the essential Vocal Coach training CDs bundled together at a special packaged price. These five instructional singing CDs are designed to be an excellent foundation to help you reach your singing and speaking goals. From establishing a daily voice-building routine and increasing overall vocal stamina to developing a relaxed tone without tension in the throat or reducing unwanted nasality this introductory set has the proven training you need for the passionate singer in you!

Learn to:

  • Increase Overall Vocal Stamina
  • Gain More Consistent Control of Your Voice
  • Find the Right Key for Every Song, Every Time
  • Discover Facial Expressions & Gestures that Sell
  • Use, Not Abuse, Vibrato
  • Keep Your Style and Still Have Clear Lyrics
  • Utilize Proper Mic Techniques
  • Have Successful Sound Checks
  • Choose the Proper Song

Vocal Coach Essentials Includes:

4 Training CDs:

  • Complete Breathing
  • Complete Diction
  • Complete Tone
  • Complete Performance

Plus, 1 workout CD:

  • Vocal Styles Warm-ups

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