Vocal Coach Blend Set


Now you can enjoy the complete Vocal Coach instructional singing system designed to help you learn to sing your best as a soloist or in a group or choral setting!

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Do you lead or sing in a choir, worship team, band, duo, trio or other group?

A group that blends eliminates pitch and tone issues and has that magical “one voice with many parts” sound. Just because you have a great singing voice doesn’t mean you can blend with a group. Achieving good vocal blend with other singers can be a challenge, but with the Vocal Coach Blend Series, you can learn to merge your sound and sing as a team in no time at all.

Vocal Coach Blend Series is the most complete instruction available for group singing…

Whether you sing as a duo, band or choir and includes includes 4 professionally produced training and workout CD’s so you can quickly gain more confidence in your ability to sing with choirs and groups. Plus you will receive downloadable PDFs of the lead sheets for every vocal exercise.

We have packed hundreds of dollars worth of training into this set to help you:

  • Develop Active Listening Habits
  • Balance Your Volume
  • Understand How to Blend
  • Merge Your Sound and Style with Other Voices
  • Harmonize and Sing as a Team
  • And a Full Range of Vocal Exercises Designed to Ensure You’re Developing Positive Singing Habits in a Group Environment.

With our easy to use step-by-step singing lessons, you’ll hear AND feel the difference in a matter of days! This is the only course you’ll ever need for learning to merge your sound and sing with synergy!

Vocal Coach Blend Series Includes:

* 1 Training CD

  • Complete Blend

* 3 Workout CDs

  • Vocal Styles Warm-ups
  • Ultimate Group Warm-ups 1
  • Ultimate Group Warm-ups 2

Plus: Download Printable Lead Sheets for each exercise.

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