Ultimate Choir Warm-Up 1


Learn to sing as a team with the Complete Blend CD from Vocal Coaches Chris and Carole Beatty…

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Take your choir warm-ups to the next level with the Ultimate Choir Warm-up 1 CD from Chris and Carole Beatty. This CD is the companion cd to Ultimate Choir Warm-ups 2 and is perfect for individuals or groups of any kind.

This CD uses a systematic approach to workout and warm-up your voice with 29 fun, exciting and challenging exercises with unison, two-part, and four-part vocal arrangements, making it a perfect tool for Acapella, Sweet Adeline or Southern Gospel groups.

Plus the fully orchestrated accompaniments lead the studio singers and YOU through dozens of exercises in eight different styles of music. They range in style from the traditional classical to pop, jazz, Latin, and Gospel. And all the arrangements are clearly demonstrated by the studio singers. This allows individuals as well as groups to work on blend, harmonizing and tuning while you warm-up, workout, and prepare to sing. Thousands of singers use the Ultimate Choir Warm-ups to seriously prepare their voices for great singing. Are you ready to join them?

CD Contains:

  • 29 Exciting and Challenging Exercises
  • Unison, Two-part and Four-part Vocal Arrangements
  • Fully Orchestrated Accompaniments in a Variety of Musical Styles

Also Available Ultimate Choir Warm-Up Vol. 2

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